Detentions and community orders

Ormistons being very much focused and specialised on areas of the Mental Health law conduct tribunals across Scotland on a daily basis.

Our clients are often subject to detentions and compulsory measures in the hospital or in the community and have legal rights of appeal against these measures. Any person subject to measures, or any person that acts as named person in relation to a person subject to such measures is entitled to Legal Aid to excercise their legal rights of appeal regardless of means.

What can be expected from our service -

  • All new clients are seen promptly as we pride ourselves with a swift service. We aim to provide a swift service at all times as we understand that a passage of time is more time spent under compulsory measures
  • You will work with a solicitor with years of mental health legal experience in tribunals and representation more generally
  • A helpful and empathetic telephone helpline with assistants also experienced with mental health law and the implications of same

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